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2005: live flo -  5 tracks: shy, run away, golden rule, valentine's day blues (acoustic), - all music & lyrics copyright flo anito 2005  - sold out

2004: demo studio work for Nkeng Alemenji -  vocals on: Nikki Love, My mother's portrait

2001: Flo Anito (all music & lyrics copyright 2001 Flo Anito) - sold out

Flo Anito-vocals/guitar! Tim Keiper-drums! TylerGoodwin-bass! Jeremy Robbins-banjo

    1. Dreamer      2. New Song     3. Crush    4. No Strangers     5. Lead Me On

    6. Why?    7. 16    8. B.W.S. (Even if it Kills Me)    9. Zack   

    10. Dance Floor (More + More)   11. Melancholy    12. 9-5     13. Addiction

    14. Not Allowed      15. Someone Else       16. Morning After

CD's Available!

Want Flo to keep you company? Serenade your friends and fam? Well, guess what? You're in luck! CD's are available for $10.00 (plus 3$ shipping and handling). Just send an email to  and we'll talk... also available at and - peace ;) flo

Mo' Flo!

Want some mo' Flo? If you don't see the song you're looking for listed on the cd trek list, it's probably a newer one. i'm hoping to get into a studio again fairly soon so let me know if you hear something in concert, you'd like to make the cut. and keep checking the site for updates. ciao!

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